Thermal And Stress Analysis Of 3D-ICs With Celsius Thermal Solver

As electronics get smaller and faster, the environment for thermal issues is becoming more and more challenging. These problems are widespread and can appear in the chip, the board, the package, and the entire system. This white paper helps designers understand the cross-fabric thermal and stress challenges introduced by 3D-ICs and how the Cadence Celsius  Thermal Solver helps designers analyz... » read more

Heat Problems Grow With FinFETs, 3D-ICs

From high-end consumer devices to rack-mounted arrays inside of data centers, thermal issues are becoming more serious—and getting much more attention. Driving this shift is the move from single chips to 3D ICs, whether they are interposer-based or stacked die. It’s a well-understood challenge: Die stacking can cause thermal issues because of the lack of a readily accessible thermal diss... » read more

Experts At The Table: The Sky Isn’t Falling

By Ann Steffora Mutschler SemiMD sat down recently to discuss how the industry is making 3D ICs a reality today with Sylvan Kaiser, chief technology officer at Docea Power; Steve Smith, senior director for 3D-IC strategy at Synopsys; and Dr. Ahmed Jerraya, director of strategic design programs at CEA-LETI. For part one of this series, click here. SemiMD: Because CEA-LETI has direct expe... » read more