Mask And Metrology Technology Trends

Aselta Nanographics of Grenoble, France, which produces software for wafer and mask patterning based on e-beam technology for IC manufacturing, along with advanced metrology solutions for scanning electron microscopes, recently became an ESD Alliance member. Adding to its impressive credentials, Aselta is a spin-off of CEA-Leti, the electronics and information technologies research institut... » read more

Blog Review: April 20

Cadence's Paul McLellan looks at the difference between 3D packaging and 3D integration and the different approaches to system-in-package designs. Siemens' Spencer Acain finds that despite having less precision and flexibility than digital chips, analog computing is having a resurgence in the space of cutting-edge AI thanks to the speed and energy efficiency in specialized tasks. Synopsys... » read more

DSA, Multi-beam Make Steady Progress

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss current and future lithography challenges with Laurent Pain, lithography lab manager at CEA-Leti. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. SE: CEA-Leti has two major programs in lithography. One is in directed self-assembly (DSA) and the other is in multi-beam e-beam. Let’s start with multi-beam. What is Leti doing in multi-beam and what... » read more