Rambus RT-640 Road To ISO26262 Certification

Modern vehicles incorporate an increasing number of complex integrated circuits. Failures in automotive systems can lead to damage to property, injury or loss of life. Ensuring the reliability of electronic systems is crucial, and the ISO26262 standard documents the requirements for determining automotive functional safety. This whitepaper details the process for how Rambus achieved t... » read more

IC Reliability Burden Shifts Left

Chip reliability is coming under much tighter scrutiny as IC-driven systems take on increasingly critical and complex roles. So whether it's a stray alpha particle that flips a memory bit, or some long-dormant software bugs or latent hardware defects that suddenly cause problems, it's now up to the chip industry to prevent these problems in the first place, and solve them when they do arise. ... » read more

Understanding Automotive Reliability And ISO 26262 for Safety-Critical Systems

Automotive electronics are playing a rapidly expanding role in automotive platforms tied to safety systems. Not content with the more traditional electronic systems such as airbag controllers, anti-lock braking systems, engine control units, and the like, integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers have been expanding into advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and other automotive electroni... » read more

GPIOs: Critical IP For Functional Safety Applications

The prevalence and complexity of electronics and software (EE systems) in automotive applications are increasing with every new generation of car. The critical functions within the system on a chip (SoC) involve hardware and software that perform automotive-related signal communication at high data rates to and from the components off-chip. Every SoC includes general purpose IOs (GPIOs) on its ... » read more

Why Improving Auto Chip Reliability Is So Hard

Tools and ecosystems that focus on reliability and the long-term health of chips are starting to coalesce for the automotive electronics industry. Data gleaned from a chip’s lifecycle — design, verification, test, manufacturing, and in-field operation — will become key to achieving the longevity, reliability, functional safety, and security of newer generations of automobiles. Having s... » read more

Industry 4.0 And The Rise Of QPaaS

McKinsey & Company frames this shift as a matter of moving the industry from its current approach of “firefighting” – responding to failures and vulnerabilities after they’re brought to OEMs’ attention – toward proactively preventing such episodes in the first place. How can the industry achieve this objective? By embracing quality protection as a service (QPaaS) — an approach... » read more