Not All Workloads Are Equal

ARM's Ben and Otilia put a human face big on processing — who sleeps, who works, when they do each, and and what's behind their decision. Check out the video: [youtube vid=J2z7P9JKukc] big.LITTLE uses a heterogeneous multi-core approach to power optimization, where high-performance CPU cores are combined with the most efficient CPU cores to deliver peak-performance capacity, higher s... » read more

Heterogeneous Multi-Processing Solution

With an increasing need for higher performance in mobile devices, the battery capacity must be increased accordingly, which is not easy because of the small size of mobile devices. Therefore, the demand for better power efficiency of mobile devices, which im- plies lower power consumption and higher performance is becoming critical. Recently, big.LITTLE architecture was intro- duced to fulfill ... » read more

big.LITTLE Technology: The Future of Mobile

With the evolution from the first mobile phones through smartphones to today’s superphones and tablets, the demand for compute performance in mobile devices has grown at an incredible rate. Today’s devices need to service smarter and more complex interactions, such as voice and gesture control, combined with seamless and reliable content delivery. Gaming and user interfaces have also grown ... » read more

Making Modeling Less Unpleasant

How many times did your mother tell you to take your medicine? You knew two things: a) it would be unpleasant and b) it would be worth the few seconds of unpleasantness because of the benefits it would provide. It appears as if the electronics industry has the same issue with modeling. We talk about the benefits that having a system-level model would have — the ability to explore system archi... » read more

Blog Review: Aug. 21

By Ed Sperling Mentor’s Michael Ford recalls the worst meetings in the world—ones that involve materials in the manufacturing process. Unfortunately there were a lot of them, so they were more like working in a recurring nightmare. Paging Freddie Krueger. Synopsys’ Karen Bartleson talks with Angisys CEO Anupam Bakshi about why EDA companies need to collaborate, and what’s the risk ... » read more

Drowning In Data

By Ed Sperling The old adage, “Be careful what you wish for,” has hit the SoC design market like a 100-year storm. After years of demanding more data to understand what’s going on in a design, engineering teams now have so much data that they’re drowning in it. This is most obvious at advanced process nodes, of course. But it’s also true these days at more mainstream nodes such as... » read more

The Week In Review: June 7

By Ed Sperling For all the hesitation about moving the Design Automation Conference to Austin, it turns out that Austin has a lot of hardware engineers. In fact they flooded into the conference, turning it into one of the most successful in recent years and setting new records in multiple areas. Even Texas Gov. Rick Perry showed up to see what all the fuss was about. Mentor Graphics added c... » read more

Which Software To Use?

By Achim Nohl big.LITTLE processing refers to the concept of combining a high-performance ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore processor along with an energy-efficient Cortex-A7 processor. There were two primary use models recently introduced by ARM for big.LITTLE processing: task migration and MP. The big.LITTLE task migration use model is where the applications migrate between one cluster and another based... » read more

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