Preparation Of Geometry Models For Mesh Generation And CFD

Making geometry models suitable for CFD meshing is a time-consuming bottleneck in CFD analysis. We will discuss why and ways to fix the problems. Click here to read more. » read more

Structured Grids Are Here For An Eternity

With unstructured meshes delivering promising results in resolving boundary layers, wakes, and other flow features for complex geometries, one might arrive at the conclusion that structured grids will soon be out of the markets because of their reputation for taking a long time for generation. On the contrary, structured grids give you two things that unstructured meshes may lack, i.e., quality... » read more

Fidelity Pointwise Grid Cell Remediation Method For Overset Meshes

In computational fluid dynamics, (CFD) overset meshing is highly appreciated in turbomachinery for moving body applications. Moreover, significant efforts have been made to improve the overset flow solver capability, but only limited developments have been made to what is quickly becoming a bottleneck in the simulation process — the creation of the overset composite grid. Cadence Fidelity Poi... » read more

Mesh Generation And CFD For A Drone’s Coaxial Rotor

Our Cadence Channel Partner in Scandinavia, neptech, shares a case study investigating the interaction of a coaxial rotor system and how to optimize its efficiency. Coaxial rotor systems are appealing for multirotor drones, as they increase thrust without increasing the vehicle’s footprint. However, the thrust of a coaxial rotor system is reduced compared to having the rotors in line. It... » read more

Reducing Fuel Consumption By Optimizing Engine Parts With CFD

How to reduce the carbon footprint of the automotive industry? Mobility comes with huge CO2 emissions and drastically reducing them is a top priority of vehicle designers today. It is no surprise that simulation can play a major part in finding solutions for this important challenge. Simulation can provide insight, reduce time-to-market, improve reliability, and reduce engineering cost for ne... » read more

Simulate Rotor Hub Vortex Shedding In Helicopters

Although helicopter aerodynamics involves the same forces that arise in airplane aerodynamics, these forces occur differently due to fluid flow dynamics across the aircraft. Helicopters take advantage of the free stream flow along a rotor blade to produce lift and thrust. In rotating systems, the rotor hub clasps the blades and connects them to the main shaft of the system. The rotor in a h... » read more

The Era Of Fluid Simulations In Hollywood

With the magnificent real images of water pouring from the sky and the after-fire fumes from a car, there is no escaping from the laws of physics in movies either! Fluid simulation in the '50s and '60s was modeled mathematically before the computer graphics industry made its appearance. In the early ’90s, computer graphics (CG) in movies such as Waterworld and Titanic were restricted to wi... » read more

Replicating da Vinci’s Aerial Vehicle Design

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the prodigy of remotely piloted vehicles, largely used for military purposes, are slowly gaining momentum in our civil lives. Some of the applications of UAVs go beyond surveillance or photography: we already have drones that are employed by farmers to monitor crops and are used in the solar industry for thermographic studies. By 2026, UAVs for both consumer and... » read more

Planning EDA’s Next Steps

Anirudh Devgan, Cadence's new CEO, and the recipient of the Phil Kaufman Award in December, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to talk about what's next in EDA, the underlying technology and business challenges and changes, and new markets that are unfolding for floor-planning, verification, CFD, and advanced packaging. SE: Where does EDA need to improve? Devgan: We have made it much... » read more

Preparing For 3D-ICs

Experts at the Table: Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the changes in design tools and methodologies needed for 3D-ICs, with Sooyong Kim, director and product specialist for 3D-IC at Ansys; Kenneth Larsen, product marketing director at Synopsys; Tony Mastroianni, advanced packaging solutions director at Siemens EDA; and Vinay Patwardhan, product management group director at Cadence... » read more

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