Better, Faster, And More Efficient Verification With The Power Of AI

Verification is often the most challenging part of the chip development process. Verification engineers have to balance quality of results (QOR) with time to results (TTR) and cost of results (COR). AI and ML technologies can play a significant part in increasing QOR, speeding up TTR, and reducing COR. This white paper outlines some of the major challenges for verification, describes how AI pro... » read more

IC Reliability Burden Shifts Left

Chip reliability is coming under much tighter scrutiny as IC-driven systems take on increasingly critical and complex roles. So whether it's a stray alpha particle that flips a memory bit, or some long-dormant software bugs or latent hardware defects that suddenly cause problems, it's now up to the chip industry to prevent these problems in the first place, and solve them when they do arise. ... » read more

Automatic Extraction of Secrets from the Transistor Jungle using Laser-Assisted Side-Channel Attacks

Abstract:  "The security of modern electronic devices relies on secret keys stored on secure hardware modules as the root-of-trust (RoT). Extracting those keys would break the security of the entire system. As shown before, sophisticated side-channel analysis (SCA) attacks, using chip failure analysis (FA) techniques, can extract data from on-chip memory cells. However, since the chip's... » read more