What Does 2023 Have In Store For Chip Design?

Predictions seem to be easier to make during times of stability, but they are no more correct than at any other period. During more turbulent times, fewer people are courageous enough to allow their opinions to be heard. And yet it is often those views that are more well thought through, and even if they turn out not to be true, they often contain some very enlightening ideas. 2022 saw some ... » read more

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

The U.S. Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) issued new export controls on EDA software aimed at designing gate-all-around FETs, which manufacturers plan to implement starting at 3nm (Samsung) and 2nm (Intel and TSMC). Specifically, the ruling controls export of software that is specially designed for implementing RTL to GDSII (or an equivalent standard) for GAA FET desi... » read more

Distilling The Essence Of Four DAC Keynotes

Chip design and verification are facing a growing number of challenges. How they will be solved — particularly with the addition of machine learning — is a major question for the EDA industry, and it was a common theme among four keynote speakers at this month's Design Automation Conference. DAC has returned as a live event, and this year's keynotes involved the leaders of a systems comp... » read more

DAC 2022: Is It Too Risky Not To Adopt RISC-V?

I was fortunate enough to attend the 59th Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco. Aside from the Covid closure in 2020 I’ve been going to DAC since 1995. Many people, including me, arrived to San Francisco with a bit of trepidation. After all, 58th DAC had low attendance and it was only about 7 months ago. What was the DAC 2022 conference going to be like? How would Covid affec... » read more

The Return Of DAC In-Person

Apart from masked faces everywhere, you could be excused for not knowing that there was a pandemic going on. Sure, the numbers were down, the show floor was smaller, and most of the parties didn't happen, but everyone was so happy to be able to bump elbows with their colleagues. Buttons were available for attendees to show the level of comfort they had with various types of greetings, from "... » read more

An 8 Bit To 12 Bit Resolution Programmable 5 MSample/s Current Steering Digital-To-Analog Converter In A 22 nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology

Authors: Jeongwook Koh, Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Dresden, Germany Shishira S. Venkatesha, Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany Sunil S. Rao, Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Dresden, Germany Marcel Jotschke, Division Engineering of Ad... » read more

58th DAC Online Program Is Now Live

We did it. After more than a year’s worth of hard work the DAC Executive Committee finally released the 58th DAC program, despite a mountain of challenges and hurdles we encountered along the way this past year. We started planning the 58th DAC a little over a year ago, and we were confronted with a lot of uncertainty on what to expect for the coming year. Would submissions be down? Would ... » read more

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Analog Devices acquired the wireless assets of Comcores. Analog Devices plans to continue to evolve the wireless technology and participate in the O-RAN forum. Teams based in Denmark and Poland, including Comcores founder and former CEO, Thomas Noergaard, will join ADI. Comcores will retain its other lines of intellectual property and digital systems business, Chip-to-Chip and Ethernet Systems ... » read more

Tackling Functional Correctness, Safety, Trust And Security

We’re six months into the pandemic, and it looks like in-person conferences are becoming a distant memory and that virtual conferences are now becoming routine. It used to be that traveling to a conference (sometimes long distances) was the only way to be able to attend technical presentations and learn about the latest technologies and methodologies, and that was only if you received permiss... » read more

Accellera Tackles Functional Safety

During DAC, Accellera had a workshop about functional safety. In case you don't know, Accellera has a relatively new working group (WG) on Functional Safety. The chair is Cadence's Alessandra Nardi, who coincidentally also received the Marie Pistilli Award for Women in EDA during DAC (you can read more about that in my post Alessandra Nardi Receives Marie Pistilli Award for Women in EDA). But ... » read more

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