Wafer-Scale Variability In Photonic Devices & Effects On Circuits

A technical paper titled "Capturing the Effects of Spatial Process Variations in Silicon Photonic Circuits" was published by researchers at Photonics Research Group, Ghent University−IMEC. "We present in this paper a method to extract a granular map of the line width and thickness variation on a silicon photonics wafer. We propose a hierarchical model to separate the layout-dependent and l... » read more

The Power Of Big Data: Or How To Make Perfect 30-Minute Brownies In Only 30 Minutes

You're scrolling online, and the picture stops you in your tracks, grabs you, captivates you. Glistening chocolate pieces are, determinedly yet slowly, oozing down a moist brownie with a crisped-to-perfection, powdered topping. It sits there, confident, flaking lazily onto a bone-white china plate. It looks delicious—mouthwatering—and, apparently, you can make it with just a 30-minute inves... » read more

Managing Electrical Communications Better

By Ann Steffora Mutschler Managing the electrical components of signal paths between IC, package, board and system is no small task, and it’s only growing in complexity. Understanding how to correctly optimize the communications within a system is critical given that the I/O power is becoming a significant portion of the overall chip power as the number of bits and the speed at which t... » read more