Analytical Energy Model Parametrized by Workload, Clock Frequency and Number of Active Cores for Share-Memory High-Performance Computing Applications

New academic paper from University of Mons (Belgium) and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil). Abstract "Energy consumption is crucial in high-performance computing (HPC), especially to enable the next exascale generation. Hence, modern systems implement various hardware and software features for power management. Nonetheless, due to numerous different implementations, we ca... » read more

Chasing Test Escapes In IC Manufacturing

The number of bad chips that slip through testing and end up in the field can be significantly reduced before those devices ever leave the fab, but the cost of developing the necessary tests and analyzing the data has sharply limited adoption. Determining an acceptable test escape metric for an IC is essential to improving the yield-to-quality ratio in chip manufacturing, but what exactly is... » read more