Hot Or Not? An Introduction To Electrical Thermal Co-Design

Heat transfer is not a one-way street. Traditionally, thermal analysis and management is thought of as a mechanical problem. However, modern electronic products are highly susceptible to electronic thermal issues. The electronics are often both the cause of thermal issues and the victim of overheating if temperature profiles exceed specifications. Indeed, over 50% of IC failures are related ... » read more

Electro-Thermal Signoff For Next Gen 3DICs

Multi-die designs, 2.5D and 3D, have been rising in popularity as they offer tremendously increased levels of integration, a smaller footprint, performance gains and more. While they are attractive for many applications, they also create design bottlenecks in the areas of thermal management and power delivery. For 3DICs, in addition to the complex SoC/PCB interactions seen in their 2D counterpa... » read more

Single Kernel Electro-Thermal IC Simulator

This paper investigates a new, highly-accurate and high-performing electro-thermal effects simulation method and tools. It describes the extension of an analog electrical simulator to handle the electrical network and the thermal network simultaneously. These innovations remove the constraint on the time constants and allow accurate validation of the electro-thermal behavior for even the most a... » read more