Enabling Accurate Electronic-Photonic Co-Design with a Synergetic Workflow on GlobalFoundries Fotonix Platform

Massive growth in research, development, and applications of CMOS-compatible integrated photonics in recent years, along with its expected potential for the years to come, has sparked an ever-increasing demand from designers for seamless and all-inclusive design automation solutions that can enable electronic-photonic co-design while being accurate and easy to use. Here, we demonstrate an end-t... » read more

Choosing The Right Photonic Device Design Software

There are many factors to consider before deciding which software to use for photonic device design. To narrow the field, it can be helpful to ask these key questions as you investigate and compare software functionality. • Does the software provide enough flexibility to model and analyze products that offer the best solution to likely and possible design goals? • Is the simulation ca... » read more

Addressing The Challenges Of Photonic IC Design Via An Integrated Electronic/Photonic Design Automation Environment

Photonics—the science and technology of generating, controlling, and detecting light—is transitioning quickly into mainstream electronic designs. Photonic IC (PIC) design does, however, come with some unique challenges in areas including layout, error checking, and circuit modeling. While electronic designers would have expertise in using a traditional electronic design automation (EDA) flo... » read more