Investigating The Ru/Ta Bilayer As An Alternative EUV Absorber To Mitigate Mask 3D Effects

A technical paper titled “Ru/Ta bilayer approach to EUV mask absorbers: Experimental patterning and simulated imaging perspective” was published by researchers at KU Leuven and imec. Abstract: "The optical properties and geometry of EUV mask absorbers play an essential role in determining the imaging performance of a mask in EUV lithography. Imaging metrics, including Normalized Imag... » read more

2022 Survey: Luminaries Report Positive EUV Impact On Mask Trends

The eBeam Initiatives 11th Annual Luminaries Survey from July 2022 shows • EUV viewed as a positive impact for mask revenue • EUV remains the top reason for purchasing multi-beam mask writers • Confidence remains high in ability to make curvilinear masks with availability of multi-beam mask writers less of an issue this year Click here to read the survey results. » read more

Particle Removal From EUV Photomasks

This technical paper titled "AFM-Based Hamaker Constant Determination with Blind Tip Reconstruction" was just published by researchers at ASML, RWTH Aachen University, and AMO GmbH. The research reports a vaccuum AFM-based approach for particle removal from EUV photomasks. Find the technical paper here. Published August 2022. Ku, B., van de Wetering, F., Bolten, J., Stel, B., van de K... » read more

Perspectives On Why EUV Photomasks Are More Expensive

There are fewer photomasks per wafer using EUV lithography, but each EUV photomask is more expensive. Given that, it’s not a surprise that a majority (74%) of industry luminaries surveyed in July say that EUV photomasks will contribute to an increase in photomask revenues for 2021 as shown in figure 1. In a 20-minute video, a panel of experts share their perspectives on what drives EUV photom... » read more