Engineering The Signal For GDDR6

DDR1 through DDR3 had their challenges, but speeds were below one gigabit and signal integrity (SI) challenges were more centered around static timing and running pseudo random binary sequence (PRBS) simulations. Now, with GDDR6, we are working on 16 to 20 gigabits per second (Gbps) signaling and even faster in the near future. As a result, engineering the signal for GDDR6 will require careful ... » read more

Changing The Design Flow

Synopsys’ Michael Jackson talks with Semiconductor Engineering about why it’s becoming necessary to fuse together various pieces of digital design. » read more

Tech Talk: 14nm

Tamer Ragheb, digital design methodology technical lead at GlobalFoundries about what's changed with 14nm finFETs, including coloring with double patterning, new corners, Miller Effects, timing issues and variability. [youtube vid=Yk6jSKCtsjU] » read more

Designing And Testing FinFET-based IC Designs

By Carey Robertson and Steve Pateras The emergence of FinFET transistors has had a significant impact on the IC physical design and design-for-test flows. The introduction of FinFETs means that CMOS transistors must be modeled as three-dimensional (3D) devices during the IC design process, with all the complexity and uncertainty this entails. The BSIM Group of the UC Berkeley Device Group has ... » read more

Power Grid Analysis

By Christen Decoin With increasing design size at each technology node, power grid analysis (PGA) has been stretching established software capacity and performance for some time. At 32/28nm, capacity and performance issues finally presented significant barriers to achieving signoff. In this article, we explore existing approaches that EDA vendors have been trying to leverage to work around ... » read more

Experts At The Table: The Growing Signoff Headache

By Ed Sperling Low-Power/High-Performance Engineering sat down to discuss signoff issues with Rob Aitken, an ARM fellow; Sumbal Rafiq, director of engineering at Applied Micro; Ruben Molina, product marketing director for timing signoff at Cadence; Carey Robertson, director of product marketing for Calibre extraction at Mentor Graphics; and Robert Hoogenstryd, senior director of marketing for ... » read more

Extraction, Power And Final Silicon

By Ann Steffora Mutschler As semiconductor technology scales down, manufacturing effects are coming front and center, putting constant pressure on design teams to make sure that silicon can be modeled through the extraction process while performing analysis accurately. Extraction technology is one of the basic components needed to gain an accurate measurement of power, timing and signal int... » read more