A Hierarchical And Tractable Mixed-Signal Verification Methodology For First-Generation Analog AI Processors

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now the key driving force behind advances in information technology, big data and the internet of things (IoT). It is a technology that is developing at a rapid pace, particularly when it comes to the field of deep learning. Researchers are continually creating new variants of deep learning that expand the capabilities of machine learning. But building systems th... » read more

Analog FastSpice Platform Full-Spectrum Sampled Periodic Noise Analysis

Many high-performance analog/mixed-signal ICs include track-and-hold circuits to sample analog signals at one or more discrete timepoints per period. Although track-and-hold circuits are periodic, traditional periodic noise (pnoise) analysis does not apply because it measures the device noise impact integrated over an entire period rather than at instantaneous time points within the target peri... » read more

Accelerating Development For LP

Power is a limiting factor in all devices these days, and while most of the industry has seen this coming for several process nodes and a succession of mobile devices with limited battery life, the power problem remains a work in progress. No matter how much progress is made—and there has been plenty of work done in the areas of multiple power domains, dark silicon, dynamic voltage and fr... » read more

Tech Talk: Faster SPICE

ProPlus CTO Bruce McGaughy explains why FastSPICE (fast Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) is running out of steam in the finFET generation and what needs to happen next. [youtube vid=07XzUQxPUr8] » read more

High-Performance Analog And RF Circuit Simulation Using The Analog FastSPICE Platform At Columbia University

The research group led by Professor Peter Kinget at the Columbia University Integrated Systems Laboratory (CISL) focuses on cutting edge analog and RF circuit design using digital nanoscale CMOS processes. Areas of research include design techniques for circuits operating below 1 V, digitally calibrated RF front ends for superior linearity performance, LO synthesizers for wireless applications,... » read more

Tools And Flows In 2015

This year more than 26 people provided predictions for 2015. Most of these came from the EDA industry, so the results may be rather biased. However, ecosystems are coming closer together in many parts of the semiconductor food chain, meaning that the EDA companies often can see what is happening in dependent industries and in the system design houses. Thus their predictions may have already res... » read more

The Week In Review: Design

M&A Synopsys’ Coverity subsidiary bought Kalistick, a French company that makes cloud-based solutions to boost testing efficiency by allowing engineers to identify and prioritize tests. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Tools Cadence rolled out verification IP for the new PCI Express 4.0 architecture. The new spec supports up to 16 billion transactions per second, which is double... » read more