Time To Pay The Piper

The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a German fable about a rat catcher who used his magic pipe to lure away rats. When he was not paid by the town, he used his pipe to lure away all of the town's children. I am not suggesting that exactly the same is true for the semiconductor industry and having not paid [getkc id="7" kc_name="EDA"], but I do not think they have paid enough and they will now have to ... » read more

User Defined Fault Models

This white paper describes the functionality of user defined fault models (UDFM), including gate exhaustive UDFM and cell-aware UDFM, and the effectiveness of lowering DPM in devices. To achieve today's quality and defect-per-million (DPM) goals, high-quality testing must achieve very high defect coverage. Testing today typically consists of generating test patterns based on multiple fault m... » read more