MEMS Capacitance Extraction With Calibre xACT-3D Software

The growing use of MEM's in today's complex products requires new approaches to capacitance calculation to ensure companies can meet their time-to-market targets while producing products that meet performance and reliability expectations. Freescale Semiconductor and Mentor Graphics collaborated to demonstrate that Calibre xACT-3D software provides a robust method for extracting node-to-node cap... » read more

Field Solvers To The Rescue

By Pallab Chatterjee Field solvers have always been part of the Parasitic Extraction (PEX) world, but due to their long run times and complexity in configuration, their role was relegated to the setup/reference table generation for the pattern based 1-D and 2-D RC extraction tools. That’s about to change. Mentor, in combination with STMicroelectronics, one of it customers, said that at ... » read more