Ferroelectric, hafnium oxide based transistors for digital beyond von-Neumann computing

Source: AIP Applied Physics Letters, published 2/4/2021.  Evelyn T. Breyer1,  Halid Mulaosmanovic1,  Thomas Mikolajick1,2, and  Stefan Slesazeck1 1Nanoelectronic Materials Laboratory (NaMLab) gGmbH, 01187 Dresden, Germany 2Chair of Nanoelectronics, TU Dresden, 01187 Dresden, Germany   Technical paper link is here » read more

System Bits: May 3

Neural network synapses In a development that could potentially be used as a basis for the hardware implementation of artificial neural networks, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) researchers have created prototypes of electronic synapses based on ultra-thin films of hafnium oxide (HfO2). The team made the HfO2-based memristors measuring just 40x40 nm2, which exhibit propert... » read more