Are Sustainability And Safety Gen Z’s Top Requirements In 2031?

This blog is my 125th on the "Frankly Speaking" channel on SemiEngineering. A big thanks to Ed and his team for a great run and for putting up with my musings! I had started work-related blogging back in 2008, more company-specific, and some of these have since then vanished from the internet. Who would have thought! For this anniversary, I am looking forward ten years to 2031 and how generatio... » read more

Three Technologies Enabling The Next Decade Of Hyperconnectivity

As it has become a tradition in my 15 years of blogging, January is a month of both reflection and outlook. At the beginning of 2022, I am excited that key themes from 5 and 10 years ago—3D integration, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), and ubiquitous needs for more connectivity driving 4G and 5G networks—clearly have exceeded expectations and forecasts from that time. L... » read more

Sustainability, Ecosystems, And Consumer Requirements In 2022

Last December, my 2021 outlook focused on "industry transformations" across different verticals. I had referenced a lot of the ongoing transformations in hyperscale computing, aerospace/defense, automotive, and healthcare. 2021 didn't disappoint—most of what I discussed further accelerated pace. For instance, pretty much no booth felt complete at the annual Army AUSA event if they were not... » read more

Microelectronics And The AI Revolution

It is no secret that artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are critical drivers for growth in electronics, and particularly, for semiconductors. The recent AI Hardware Summit showcased trends in AI/ML, both in enabling and using it in various application domains, including EDA. As part of the summit, Imec had organized a panel on “Advanced Microelectronics Technologies Driving ... » read more

Designing High-Performance Electronics For Today’s Hyperconnected Systems

With the rapid evolution of hyperconnected devices that are managing constant and near-instantaneous data from anywhere and at any time, designing at each new technology node must overcome design and integration complexity. To do so requires automated solutions to process the scale of modern designs. Cadence system analysis solutions operate on unimaginably huge amounts of data, scaling algorit... » read more

Hyperconnectivity’s Impact On Consumers

Do you know what hyperconnectivity is? It is already affecting you, whether you know it or not. Hyperscalers are the companies like AWS, Google, and Microsoft that build and run those enormous (aka hyperscale) data centers. If you are a designer and use the cloud, then you have at least a vague idea of what data centers are being used to handle your design. But even if you are the generic perso... » read more

Hyperconnectivity And The Path To 6G

Some may view the recent uptick in the news about next-generation wireless networking, specifically 6G, with some healthy skepticism as 5G is “just rolling out.” But when looking at the timelines, it becomes clear why 6G is critical and is also excellent news for electronics, and by extension, the design of semiconductors and systems. The same key elements that transformed the data center t... » read more