What Else Can You Do While Driving A Car?

Increasing levels of autonomy in vehicles are driving increased demands for new technology. Consumers care about the electronics in their vehicles, for both safety and convenience, and those features are impacting both purchase decisions and new vehicle designs. As vehicles grow in sophistication with advanced driver assistance, electrification, or alternative fuel sources, personalized vehi... » read more

Using Hypervisor For IVI And AUTOSAR Consolidation On An ECU

Current approaches used to tackle the complexities described earlier in this paper (cockpit domain units) are both cost-prohibitive and lacking in performance. Utilizing virtualization in automotive software architecture provides a better approach when taking on these complexities. This can be achieved by encapsulating different heterogeneous automotive platforms inside virtual machines running... » read more

The New Road Warriors

Chip vendors and other companies that have little or no experience in automotive are flooding into this market as the race for assisted and autonomous driving begins to heat up. This market is expected to pay big dividends for companies that succeed in helping to build the vehicles of the future in this century. IC Insights earlier this year forecast the auto chip market would grow 22% this ... » read more

Reliable Automotive IC Design With Galaxy Design Platform

Automakers are continuously integrating new advanced driver assistance systems and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) technologies to provide drivers and their passengers with improved safety, navigation, entertainment and communications. Cars are becoming safer and more efficient as they are increasingly capable of sensing and responding to their on-road environment. These trends present additional... » read more