Shortest Resistance Path Deception In ESD Protection Circuit P2P Debug

Verifying and fixing ESD protection circuit violations is an essential step in tapeout sign-off flows for today’s IC chip designs. As one of the most commonly used ESD verification flows, the point to point (P2P) flow checks the resistances of ESD discharge paths in layout designs to ensure they are within design thresholds. However, when debugging P2P violations, information such as the shor... » read more

Debugging Point-to-Point Resistance Using Contribution By Layer In IC Validator PERC

PERC Point-to-point resistance (P2P resistance) functionality is a crucial EDA technology to enable complex P2P effective resistance measurement along ESD paths in automation for foundry qualified ESD/Latch-up checker or in-house custom checker. This technology is applied to the entire chip, block, and IP designs on cell or transistor level layout database. Since the ESD path count could grow t... » read more

Speed Up P2P Resistance Debugging With Selective Highlighting

Point-to-point (P2P) resistance simulation calculates the effective parasitic resistance from one or more specified points (sources) to another set of points (sinks) on an integrated circuit (IC) layout. The results of these simulations are a key component in the verification of the robustness and reliability of IC layout interconnect—designers must have this information to accurately perform... » read more