Package Propagation Delay Dependency Of Advanced Fly-By Routing For Next Generation DDR5

Package signal transit delay is an important parameter for high-speed designs like DDR5. Package delay along with PCB delay dictates the data rates of DDR5 interface running at 4.0 Gbps and beyond. From DDR3 (third generation DDR) onwards, daisy chain routing has been widely used as it can support high data rate operations by providing smaller trace stubs and capacitive loadings. Even so, beyon... » read more

Topology for Substrate Routing in Semiconductor Package Design

Abstract: In this work, we propose a new signal routing method for solving routing problems that occur in the design process of semiconductor package substrates. Our work uses a topological transformation of the layers of the package substrate in order to simplify the routing problem into a problem of connecting points on a circle with non-intersecting straight line segments. The circle, whi... » read more