MCU Sales Up in 2017 And 2018

Microcontroller (MCU) sales are expected to grow over 9% this year while units increase over 16%. IoT and automotive are the major reason for the growth in general MCUs; however, the product group has been transitioning into several distinct segments that are being buried within the data of the broad MCU market. Over the past five years total MCU revenues have essentially remained flat; however... » read more

Chaos, Progress In Mobile Payment Security

Semiconductor suppliers and their embedded software partners, internally and externally, have made tremendous strides in recent years supporting secure mobile payment processing. It hasn't been easy. Or simple. And it's still evolving. The result of those efforts, which is now set to play an increasingly important and widespread commercial role in 2017, are trusted execution environment t... » read more

Smarter Than A Card

Set-top boxes (STBs) were initially secured by Conditional Access System (CAS) smart cards. However, this approach is no longer effective. Smart cards cannot prevent unauthorized access to premium 4K and UHD content, as they are not designed to protect the interface between the card and box, or the STB SoC itself. This is one of the reasons why cardless CAS set-top boxes, equipped with a hardwa... » read more

The Week In Review: Design

M&A NXP Semiconductors acquired the IP assets of Quintic for its wearable and Bluetooth Low Energy business. The deal is aimed at IoT applications. Numbers Mentor Graphics' numbers hit a record in fiscal Q3, which ended on Oct. 31. Revenue was $292.7 million, up from $275.6 million in the same period in 2013. Non-GAAP earnings were $39.92 million, up from $37.29 million in the same per... » read more

Next Bonanza: Security Holes

Security threats—both real and potential—are beginning to reshape the semiconductor business. These threats are drawing venture capitalists back into the industry as they race for the next big opportunity. They are blurring the lines between software and hardware, as threats grow in complexity at every level of a device and its myriad and sometimes perpetual connections to the outside wo... » read more

When Smart Cards Make Sense…

Smart cards, also referred to as hardware tokens, offer one of the highest levels of security within the framework of securable objects. This is for one obvious reason – it is disconnected from the interconnected world. Unlike wireless or hard-wired objects that require online connectivity for functionality, smart cards must be in physical, or near physical contact (contactless that requir... » read more