HW Security: Fingerprints Of Digital Circuits Using Electromagnetic Side-Channel Sensing & Simulations (Georgia Tech)

A technical paper titled "Circuit Activity Fingerprinting Using Electromagnetic Side-Channel Sensing and Digital Circuit Simulations" was published by researchers at Georgia Tech. The work "introduces a novel circuit identification method based on “fingerprints” of periodic circuit activity that does not rely on any circuit-specific reference measurements. We capture these “fingerprint... » read more

Software Modeling And KPI

In Software Modeling Goes Mainstream, Ed Sperling recently wrote how chipmakers are applying use case modeling techniques to better understand the interactions between software and hardware and how they impact system performance and energy efficiency. As the software content for multicore SoCs grows, these interactions are becoming increasingly complex. For system designers and SoC architect... » read more

Software Modeling Goes Mainstream

Software modeling is finally beginning to catch on across a wide swath of chipmakers as they look beyond device scaling to improve performance, lower power, and ratchet up security. Software modeling in the semiconductor industry historically has been associated with hardware-software co-design, which has grown in fits and starts since the late 1990s. The largest chipmakers and systems compa... » read more