Rethinking Chip Economics

As process nodes shrink, so does the selection of chips developed at those nodes. Consumers demand more features and functionality, but that carries a high price tag in terms of both complexity and real dollars. In addition, because costs are skyrocketing, there is growing pressure for those chips to remain reliable and up-to-date for longer periods of time. Jayson Bethurem, vice president of m... » read more

Curbing Automotive Cybersecurity Attacks

The relentless cyberattacks on the automotive sector are not limited to vehicles and have an impact on the entire automotive supply chain, so the pressure is on the automotive ecosystem to understand the necessary standards and regulations for vehicles and components. While the process of attaining compliance adds additional effort, in the long run, the increase in cybersecurity will save the a... » read more

AI’s Impact In Automobiles Remains Uncertain

Experts at the Table: Semiconductor Engineering sat down to talk about software updates in cars, where AI makes sense, and why there's a growing sense of optimism, with Geoff Tate, CEO of Flex Logix; Veerbhan Kheterpal, CEO of Quadric; Steve Teig, CEO of Perceive; and Kurt Busch, CEO of Syntiant. What follows are excerpts of that conversation, which were held in front of a live audience at Desi... » read more

Why Matter 1.0 Really Matters

Incompatibilities of consumer devices inside the home are frustrating for consumers and a security risk. Skip Ashton, distinguished engineer at Infineon, talks about how the Matter 1.0 standard will fuse together different ecosystems from companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, how it will be applied to existing devices, what’s included and missing from the standard today, and how it can... » read more

Using Periodic Calibration Of Antennas to Ensure the Ongoing Performance Of OTA Systems

Seen or unseen, antennas are essential to virtually every aspect of our connected world. In any over-the-air application—communication, navigation, radar, and so on—signal quality is heavily dependent on the performance of the transmitting and receiving antennas. In addition, when testing any of today’s electronic devices for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatib... » read more

What Do Feedback Loops For AI/ML Devices Really Show?

AI/ML is being designed into an increasing number of chips and systems these days, but predicting how they will behave once they're in the field is, at best, a good guess. Typically, verification, validation, and testing of systems is done before devices reach the market, with an increasing amount of in-field data analysis for systems where reliability is potentially mission- or safety-criti... » read more

More Updates Everywhere

Being connected to everything has its pros and cons. On the plus side, you'll probably have far fewer of those moments when you forget something, can't get in touch with someone, or can't find what you're looking for. On the downside, you'll be in an always-on world, and all the other people you've reached out to can also reach out back to you. This extends well beyond just person-to-person ... » read more