Controllable Interaction Between Two Hole Spin Qubits In A Conventional Silicon Transistor

A technical paper titled “Anisotropic exchange interaction of two hole-spin qubits” was published by researchers at University of Basel and IBM Research Europe-Zurich. Abstract: "Semiconductor spin qubits offer the potential to employ industrial transistor technology to produce large-scale quantum computers. Silicon hole spin qubits benefit from fast all-electrical qubit control and sweet... » read more

Spin–Orbit Qubit With A Single Hole Electrostatically Confined In A Natural Silicon Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Device

A new technical paper titled "A single hole spin with enhanced coherence in natural silicon" was published by researchers at Université Grenoble Alpes, CEA, LETI, and CNRS. Abstract: "Semiconductor spin qubits based on spin–orbit states are responsive to electric field excitations, allowing for practical, fast and potentially scalable qubit control. Spin electric susceptibility, however,... » read more

Quantum logic with spin qubits crossing the surface code threshold

New research paper from QuTech, Delft University of Technology. Abstract "High-fidelity control of quantum bits is paramount for the reliable execution of quantum algorithms and for achieving fault tolerance—the ability to correct errors faster than they occur. The central requirement for fault tolerance is expressed in terms of an error threshold. Whereas the actual threshold depends o... » read more