Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: October 24

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Chip Industry Week In Review

By Susan Rambo, Gregory Haley, and Liz Allan SRC unfurled its Microelectronics and Advanced Packaging (MAPT) industry-wide 3D semiconductor roadmap, addressing such topics as advanced packaging, heterogeneous integration, analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, energy efficiency, security, the related foundational ecosystem, and more. The guidance is the collective effort of 300 individuals ... » read more

A Study Of LLMs On Multiple AI Accelerators And GPUs With A Performance Evaluation

A technical paper titled “A Comprehensive Performance Study of Large Language Models on Novel AI Accelerators” was published by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory, State University of New York, and University of Illinois. Abstract: "Artificial intelligence (AI) methods have become critical in scientific applications to help accelerate scientific discovery. Large language models (L... » read more

Multi-Layer Attack Graph Analysis in the 5G Edge Network Using a Dynamic Hexagonal Fuzzy Method

Abstract "Overall, 5G networks are expected to become the backbone of many critical IT applications. With 5G, new tech advancements and innovation are expected; 5G currently operates on software-defined networking. This enables 5G to implement network slicing to meet the unique requirements of every application. As a result, 5G is more flexible and scalable than 4G LTE and previous generations... » read more