Accelerating IoT Designs: Designing For Low Power In The Era Of Smart Everything

Most of us have become accustomed to interacting with the ubiquitous technology ecosystem daily (if not hourly). From fitness trackers, smart vacuums, and semi-autonomous vehicles to the smart home devices that wake us up every morning, there’s no denying that the internet of things (IoT) boom has proliferated in every aspect of our lives. At the core of this instant, at-our-fingertips conn... » read more

Addressing SRAM Verification Challenges

SureCore Limited is an SRAM IP company based in Sheffield, the United Kingdom, that develops low power memories for current and next generation silicon process technologies. Its award-winning, world-leading, low power SRAM designs are process independent and variability tolerant, making them suitable for a wide range of technology nodes. Two major product families have been announced: PowerM... » read more

Minimizing Power Consumption In Next-Generation Mobile Devices

By Cheryl Ajluni Today’s consumers continually demand ever more efficient and reliable means of mobile communication. At the same time, the wireless industry is evolving toward higher data rates and capacities. Both of these trends present a wealth of opportunity for innovative system engineers looking to design the next generation of mobile communication devices. They also pose some inter... » read more