Hot Or Not? An Introduction To Electrical Thermal Co-Design

Heat transfer is not a one-way street. Traditionally, thermal analysis and management is thought of as a mechanical problem. However, modern electronic products are highly susceptible to electronic thermal issues. The electronics are often both the cause of thermal issues and the victim of overheating if temperature profiles exceed specifications. Indeed, over 50% of IC failures are related ... » read more

Investigation Of The Influence of Controller Types On Room Thermal Behavior – A Simulation Study

To control the indoor temperature of rooms two kinds of approaches are common. The first one is to use standard PI-controllers with a set of default parameters, which often leads to insufficient performance, waste of energy and unacceptable comfort violations [Rahmati, 2003]. The other approach is to use specifically developed and adapted controllers [Seidel et al., 2015], which have the drawba... » read more