Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: Oct. 4

New technical papers added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library this week. [table id=55 /] Semiconductor Engineering is in the process of building this library of research papers. Please send suggestions (via comments section below) for what else you’d like us to incorporate. If you have research papers you are trying to promote, we will review them to see if they are a good fit for... » read more

Framework Based on an RISC-V Microprocessor Supporting LiM Operations

A new technical paper titled "RISC-Vlim, a RISC-V Framework for Logic-in-Memory Architectures" was published by researchers at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), Univerity of Tor Vergata (Italy), and University of Twente (The Netherlands). Abstract: "Most modern CPU architectures are based on the von Neumann principle, where memory and processing units are separate entities. Although processin... » read more