Technical Paper Round-Up: April 5

Neuromorphic chips, transistor defect detection, quantum, pellicles, BEV mobile charging, copper wire bonding, LrWPAN, batteries and superconductivity top the past week's technical papers. They also point to a rising level of government investment, and collaborations between schools that historically haven't worked closely together, including one that involves schools on different continents. ... » read more

Analytical Energy Model Parametrized by Workload, Clock Frequency and Number of Active Cores for Share-Memory High-Performance Computing Applications

New academic paper from University of Mons (Belgium) and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil). Abstract "Energy consumption is crucial in high-performance computing (HPC), especially to enable the next exascale generation. Hence, modern systems implement various hardware and software features for power management. Nonetheless, due to numerous different implementations, we ca... » read more