Abstract Verification

Verification relies on a separation of concerns. Otherwise the task has no end. Sometimes we do it without thinking, but as an industry, we have never managed to fully define it such that it can become an accepted and trusted methodology. This becomes particularly true when we bring abstraction into the picture. A virtual prototype is meant to be true to behavior, but there could be timing d... » read more

The Power Of Virtual Prototyping

As embedded SoCs continue to become more powerful and complex, beating the market may very well rely on non-traditional approaches to product design and development. Software-based methodologies involving virtual prototypes are helping to prove out designs earlier and enable companies to parallelize hardware and software development. Click here to download PDF. » read more

Virtual Iron (Chef)

I love good food but I am a horrible cook. Partially because my wife is a wonderful chef at home and I can enjoy the comfort of just eating. Until recently, I couldn’t handle most of the kitchen equipment and I had no clue which ingredients and spices work well together. When I read cooking recipes my brain started to freeze and I felt completely clueless. This was nagging me at times and... » read more

Tools For Heterogeneous System Development

System architects look to both heterogeneous and homogeneous computing when there are no other options available, but the current thinking is that a system-level software methodology could simplify the design, ease integration of various blocks, and potentially improve performance for less power. While the theory appears sound enough, implementing it has turned out to be harder than expected. ... » read more

Is SystemC Broken?

In order to perform architectural exploration, performance analysis and optimization, early validation of software, improved productivity in hardware development and many other tasks, the industry needs a viable [getkc id="104" kc_name="virtual prototype"]. That requires a suitable language in order to express necessary concepts at a high enough level of [getkc id="101" kc_name="abstraction"] s... » read more

Who Pays For EDA Shift Left?

While working on the predictions articles for 2015 (markets, design, semiconductors, tools and flows), a number of companies talked about the great shift left that is happening in the industry. What was surprising was the number of companies that mentioned it, and in very different ways. It is clear that shift left does not mean the same thing to all people. While they all see it addressing ... » read more

Hybrid Verification: The Only Way Forward

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the state of the industry for [getkc id="10" kc_name=" functional verification"]. The inability of RTL [getkc id="11" kc_name="simulation"] to keep up with verification needs is causing rapid change in the industry. Taking part in the discussion are Harry Foster, chief scientist at [getentity id="22017" e_name="Mentor Graphics"]; Janick Bergeron, fe... » read more

What Should I Build?

The question in the title has been one of the most asked questions by my son lately. Or as my wife says, his brain is 90% focused on Minecraft and 10% on everything else. For those not familiar with Minecraft, it is a lego-like computer game or as the Minecraft website reads: “Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks.” It has literally captured the imagination of my son and ... » read more

Power? It’s The Apps, Stupid!

Shabtay Matalon When I bought my first iPhone, I envisioned using it mostly to make phone calls and occasionally to view e-mails and browse the Web. For navigation, I used a separate GPS. But all this changed when I realized that I can use the Waze App on my iPhone for real-time navigation or to play games while listening to music on a boring coast-to-coast domestic flight. These new “apps... » read more

ROM Code First

By Achim Nohl Finally, nine months after the next-generation SoC project was kicked off, the first prototype board has finally arrived! There are just six months left to get Android and Linux up and running. Because Android should take full advantage of the latest hardware additions, let’s make sure we get it ported as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Before you c... » read more

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