GloFo Says 28nm FD-SOI Die Cost Much Less Than 28nm Bulk HPP

Posted by Adele Hars, Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Substrate News ~  ~ According to Shigeru Shimauchi, Country Manager, GlobalFoundries Japan, for the same level of performance, the die cost for 28nm FD-SOI will be substantially less than for 28nm bulk HPP (“high performance-plus”). Specifically, to get a 30%  increase in performance over 28nm bulk LPS PolySiON, HPP increases die ... » read more

Bigger Wafers, Bigger Risk

At 22/20/16/14nm the semiconductor industry is experiencing a rather new twist on Moore’s Law. Smaller, as in smaller feature sizes, is no longer assumed to be cheaper—or at least not for everyone. In fact, the cost per transistor for the first time in more than half a century could rise in some cases. Whether this outlook improves as the semiconductor industry gains more experience wit... » read more

FinFET Isolation: Bulk vs. SOI

Terry Hook of IBM recently contributed an article to ASN about FinFET isolation issues on bulk vs. SOI.  It generated immense interest, and created lots of discussion on various LinkedIn groups.  In case you missed it, here it is again. (This article is based on an in-depth presentation Terry gave at the SOI Consortium's Fully-Depleted Tech Workshop, held during VLSI-TSA in Taiwan, April 2... » read more

Wafer Leaders Extend Basis for Global SOI Supply

Posted by Adele Hars, Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Substrate News ~  ~ It’s a bright green light from the world leaders in SOI wafer capacity. Soitec, the world leader in SOI wafer production, and long-time partner Shin-Etsu Handatai (SEH), the world’s biggest producer of silicon wafers, have extended their licensing agreement and expanded their technology cooperation. SEH is a $12... » read more

What’s ST’s FD-SOI Technology All About?

As I blogged here on SemiMD last week, STMicroelectronics has announced that to supplement in-house production at their fab in Crolles, the company has tapped GlobalFoundries for high-volume production of 28nm then 20nm FD-SOI mobile devices.  ST will also open access to its FD-SOI technology to GlobalFoundries’ other customers.  High-volume manufacturing will kick off with ST-Ericsson’s ... » read more

Chenming Hu: SOI Can Empower New Transistors to 10nm and beyond

The following is a special guest post by Dr. Chenming Hu, TSMC Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley. He and his team published seminal papers on FinFETs (1999) and UTB-SOI (2000). This post first appeared as part of the Advanced Substrate News special edition on FD-SOI industrialization.  ~~ The good, old MOSFET is nearing its limits. Scaling issues and dopant-induced variations ... » read more

Soitec’s Wafer Roadmap for Fully Depleted Planar and 3D/FinFET

The following is a special guest post by Steve Longoria, Senior VP of Worldwide Business Development at Soitec.  It first appeared as part of the Advanced Substrate News special edition on FD-SOI industrialization. ~~ Today’s semiconductor industry is moving through several challenging transitions that are creating a significant opportunity for Soitec to bring incremental value to th... » read more

CMP, ST et al offer 28nm FD-SOI for prototyping, research

Posted by Adele Hars, Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Substrate News ~  ~ What would a port to 28nm FD-SOI do for your design?  A recent announcement by CMP, STMicroelectronics and Soitec invites you to find out.  Specifically, ST’s CMOS 28nm Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FD-SOI) process – which uses innovative silicon substrates from Soitec and incorporates robust, compact model... » read more

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