Ensure Zero Functional CDC Signoff Defects With VC SpyGlass Integrated Solution

This whitepaper will explain how designers can ensure zero defects seamlessly using Synopsys VC SpyGlass as a single cockpit for not just structural CDC analysis but also for complete functional analysis. We will also cover how designers can utilize a single dashboard for tracking the functional CDC signoff progress over the course of the project. Click here to read more. » read more

Using Deep Data Analytics To Enhance Reliability Testing The Fast Roadmap for Zero Defects

proteanTecs and ELES have partnered together to enhance reliability testing with deep data analytics. This collaboration enables SoC manufacturers to improve their qualification envelope to achieve lifetime reliability, shorten their root cause analysis time, and reduce operational costs. This innovative approach adds parametric measurements during the stress test in order to accurately and pre... » read more

Automotive IC Production Wafer Test In A Zero-Defect World

By Amy Leong, FormFactor. Innovations in automotive semiconductor ICs post a high bar for wafer test. FormFactor’s Chief Marketing Officer, Amy Leong, provides insights into the challenges associated with automotive IC production wafer testing amid the requirement for zero-defects. Click here to continue reading. » read more

Next-Generation Vehicles Pose Automotive Semiconductor Test Challenges

Various market trends are driving requirements for automotive semiconductor test as technology increasingly defines the future of the automobile. According to IHS Markit, the total market for semiconductors, having reached nearly $500 billion in 2018, will grow at a CAGR of 4.88% through 2022, while the automotive electronics category, reaching more than $40 billion in 2018, will outpace the to... » read more