Tech Talk: Concurrent Test

A look at the different test methods and why changes are required.


Dave Armstrong, director of business development at Advantest, discusses the usefulness of concurrent test and describes how to maximize the value of this approach.


Hank Walker says:

One thing that Dave did not talk about is that when broadcasting the scan data to multiple identical cores (or daisy-chaining the data through cores), the core outputs must be compressed to a bandwidth that is constant regardless of the number of cores, either by MISRs, or output compression ratios that rise with the number of cores. One can also vote core outputs to detect random defects.

ajholloway says:

Helpful discussion on CT, but I think the real solution is not innovative test strategy (thought that is important), but in the ATE capability to test external interfaces at different frequencies and run various tests simultaneously. Picture a mission mode where each I/O interface is running it’s own pattern at it’s own frequency. This is the real-world application that needs to be applied by ATE to devices with exponential complexity.

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