The Week In Review: Design

Nvidia deep learning architecture for Arm; fabless growth in China; learn marketing.


Market research firm IC Insights says fabless IC suppliers accounted for 27% of the world’s IC sales in 2017—an increase from 18% ten years earlier in 2007. U.S. companies accounted for the greatest share of fabless IC sales last year at 53% (down, however, from 2010’s share of 69%). Since 2010, the largest fabless IC marketshare increase has come from the Chinese suppliers, which captured 5% share in 2010 but represented 11% of total fabless IC sales in 2017.


Nvidia will integrate its open-source NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) architecture into Arm’s Project Trillium platform for machine learning. The NVDLA hardware supports a wide range of IoT devices and is supported by Nvidia’s suite of developer tools.

Drone maker DJI used Arteris IP’s FlexNoC interconnect IP for on-aircraft processing, citing faster and higher-bandwidth processing while conserving battery life and increasing maximum flight time.

eVaderis joined Mentor’s OpenDoor interoperability program with its embedded MRAM IP., which now works with the Analog FastSPICE platform.


2018 CEO Outlook: Apr. 5, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in San Jose, CA. This panel, hosted by the ESD Alliance, will bring together CEOs Dean Drako of IC Manage, Grant Pierce of Sonics, Wally Rhines of Mentor, and Simon Segars of Arm for their views of the major trends and opportunities in the semiconductor design ecosystem, including an interactive, moderated audience discussion.

D&R IP-SoC Day: Apr. 5 in Santa Clara, CA. The one-day event will discuss trends in IP including AI and deep learning architectures, RISC-V, eFPGAs, and IP management and reuse.

IP Security Assurance PWG: Apr. 17, 10 a.m. – noon in Santa Clara, CA. Initial meeting for an Accellera Proposed Working Group to assess whether there’s interest and feasibility in defining an automated systematic approach to integrating security assurance collateral. Participants need not be from Accellera member companies.

All You Need to Know About Inbound Digital Marketing: Apr. 26 in Milpitas, CA. The ESD Alliance will host a workshop focused on new marketing strategies and techniques for EDA, IP, and services companies. Nicolas Athanasopoulos, OneSpin’s Head of Digital Strategy and Dave Kelf, Chief Marketing Officer at Breker Verification Systems will lead the workshop.

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