The Week In Review: Design

Synopsys acquires static analysis company; Bluetooth 5 VIP; MIPI I3C spec; ISO 26262 qualification program.



Synopsys acquired another code analysis company, Forcheck. A privately held software company based in the Netherlands, it provided a static analysis tool for detecting coding defects and anomalies in Fortran applications. Forcheck technology will be integrated into the Coverity tool. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

IP & Specifications

Cadence launched verification IP for Bluetooth 5, as well as a companion tool offering a comprehensive verification plan, test suite and coverage model. The VIP supports any major language, simulator or methodology.

The MIPI Alliance released the MIPI I3C sensor interface specification. It is implemented on a standard CMOS I/O using two wires and incorporates the features of I2C, SPI and UART. The spec achieves clock rates up to 12.5 MHz and provides options for higher performance, high-data rate modes.

Plus, Arasan uncorked MIPI I3C Master & Slave IP cores.


Mentor Graphics introduced an ISO 26262 qualification program, which includes a safety-certified RTOS and middleware package, AUTOSAR operating system and basic software stack, silicon test and yield analysis tools, and a requirements management tool.


MediaTek licensed multiple copies of Sonics’ SonicsSX NoC and the MemMax memory scheduler IP.

AltaSens adopted Cadence’s Modus Test Solution for its mixed-signal next-generation image sensors.

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