The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Mentor rolls out new PCB, UPF tools; Ansys, Cray claim world’s simulation record; Cadence, Mentor and Breker team up on verification standard; ARM teams with China’s Thundersoft on ecosystem accelerator; Synopsys debuts new processor; Wally Rhines wins Kaufman Award.


Mentor Graphics rolled out a new version of its tool for transferring PCB designs into data for fabrication, assembly and test. The company also announced that its debug environment will support the UPF Low Power Successive Refinement Methodology.

Ansys and Cray are claiming the world’s record for simulation by scaling 129,000 cores. That’s about 4X the previous record.  Ansys also acquired all the assets of Delcross Technologies, which makes computational electromagnetic simulation and RF system analysis software. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Breker Verification Systems said they are working together on a technology contribution to the Accellera Portable Stimulus Working Group. The collaborative effort includes a specification language that allows high-level abstraction of stimulus and tests; semantics to allow generation of tests in a variety of languages and tool environments; support of graph-based descriptions of stimulus and test scenarios, and a library of pre-defined utility functions.

ARM and Thundersoft are teaming up to create an “innovation ecosystem accelerator” in Beijing based on ARM’s mbed IoT platform and its Cortex chips. Thundersoft’s CEO said startups are facing lack of complete product experience, resources and ecosystem support.

Synopsys won a deal with Renesas, which will use Synopsys’ place and route tool for automotive chips.

Synopsys rolled out a new version of its ARC processor, with up to three times more DSP performance than existing cores and an improved development toolkit and DSP library.

The EDA Consortium named Mentor CEO Wally Rhines as its 2015 Kaufman Award winner. The awards ceremony will be held on Nov. 12.

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