Ultra-Low Power Memory IPs Using Mentor coolSRAM-6T Technology

How to significantly reduce power in chips with embedded SRAM.


The use of embedded static random access memory (eSRAM) in complex ICs has significantly increased in the past three decades. This trend will continue with the growth of ICs designed for rapidly expanding markets such as automotive, virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR), implantable medical devices, gaming, sensor hub, medical devices, wearable computing, data center, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

The coolSRAM-6T offer breakthrough design characteristics which provides new opportunities for optimization of “novel ICs” in above applications, especially achieving the lowest power dissipation for strong product differentiation. Simultaneously, designers can benefit from coolSRAM-6T to address speed, area/cost consideration. coolSRAM-6T also greatly complements Mentor’s coolSRAM-1T, coolREG-6T, coolREG-8T, coolCAM, and coolROM.

Download this new whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Trend for IP Utilization in SoC Designs
  • Optimizing eSRAM for Speed, Density, and Power Consumption
  • Optimizing eSRAM for Static and Dynamic Power, using coolSRAM-6T
  • Benefits of Light Sleep, Deep Sleep & Shutdown
  • The Impact of Multi-Vt (SVT, HVT, UHVT) on Leakage & Speed
  • coolSRAM-6T Architectural tradeoffs in Single Rail vs Dual Rail

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