What is STS Software Bundle?

Software tools and hardware drivers for developing and deploying test programs and debugging.


The STS Software Bundle provides all the software tools and hardware drivers you need to efficiently develop and deploy test programs, interactively debug, and maintain and calibrate the NI Semiconductor Test System (STS). NI will release new bundles regularly to incorporate new functionality and hardware drivers.

The STS Software Bundle includes tools for interactive measurements and debugging which you can use during test program development, for debugging the device under test (DUT) or when debugging a production line to optimize manufacturing yield.

Interactive Software for Mixed-Signal Instrumentation
Using InstrumentStudio software, you can work with multiple instrumentation resources in the same view and immediately see how changes affect your DUT. Save project-level configurations to revisit measurements or share with colleagues, export the data you see as a picture or data file for documentation, and export the configuration settings to reuse them in your automated test program.

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