Access To Verification Knowledge While Remote Working

Participate in a weekly scavenger hunt and enjoy educational opportunities.


As someone who is used to working from home, the recent global events haven’t had as much of an impact on my ability to keep productive. Our team at OneSpin is very adept with remote-working relationships as many of us reside all over the world. Having said this, we recognize that not everyone or every company shares in this situation.

Working from home can create specific challenges when it comes to getting information and support you need for specific projects. This predicament is magnified for the electronic design community who are developing devices that must not only work as expected but also are safe and secure. The world expects that these criterias are met without hesitation.

From all accounts, the lifting of working from home restrictions may take some time as governments take a phased approached. Companies can’t afford to just close up and wait for remote-working orders to be completely lifted. Companies must adapt their working styles to remain competitive while keeping their own employees safe and healthy. We at OneSpin are helping our customers do just that.

Customers will continue to have unfettered access to our top-notch support team, but we’ve added and will continue to add knowledge-building tools to our rich library of online technical resources. Including the following:

1:1 Customized AE time
We’ve implemented an online demo program where you can sign-up to receive a one-on-one live and customized demo with one of our expert application engineers that targets your specific challenges and learn how to overcome them.

Our solutions are grouped into four categories:

Design Verification: Rigorous coverage-driven functional verification from block to chip, leveraging unique formal technology.

Equivalence Checking: Automatic detection of systematic design errors introduced by design refinement tools (e.g., synthesis) to exhaustively verify equivalence of RTL to synthesized netlist to final place & route (P&R).

Functional Safety: Safety analysis to meet the strict certification requirements of functional safety standards such as ISO 26262 for automotive, IEC 61508 for industrial, and DO-254 for avionics.

Trust and Security: Automatic detection of RTL Trojans and hardware vulnerabilities to adversary attacks.

Comprehensive set of case studies and presentations
Sometimes the best way to learn how to verify successfully is to see how others are doing it. We have made our OSMOSIS user group meeting presentations available.

White papers, articles, and videos
Technical knowledge can be gained through our collateral that outlines the challenges that are faced and provides a technical landscape on how to overcome them.

RISC-V Q&A session
There are number of benefits when comes to adopting RISC-V technology, but the open-source nature of RISC-V does present some unique verification challenges. We are developing a RISC-V Formal Verification Q & A video that fields questions from the verification community. The video will be posted on our site in the coming days.

We recognize that video content may not allow for immediate interaction for asking questions, so we’re working with our technical team to develop online webinars related to specific design verification challenges, safety, trust and security, and equivalence checking of FPGAs.

Online training materials
If you’re encountering a particular challenge when it comes to verification but don’t necessarily have the time to interact with one of our expert AEs, videos of how to use our solutions effectively will be made available to existing customers.

Now for some fun
We all need some stress relief from the COVID-19 bombardment. In true OneSpin fashion, we want to bring a sense of fun to our community. Our team has come up with a weekly challenge that is sure to “inspire.” Each week, we will hide an inspirational quote within our web site for you to find. Once you’ve found it, you’ll be able to register to enter into a drawing to receive a year-long subscription to MasterClass. Fair notice, some of these hidden quotes can be hard to find so you are able to ask for a hint. Keep in mind though, if you take advantage of the hint, you won’t be placed into the drawing for that week, but it will give you a sense of where to look for the next hidden quote. The “Easter Egg” scavenger hunt will run through May.

I hope that what we’re doing at OneSpin will help to alleviate anxiety around getting access to important information and support during these unprecedented times. As always, our customers can contact us anytime. Our goal is to continue to assure your ICs integrity while allowing you to remain safe and healthy.

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