Agile HW Design: Fully Automatic Equivalence Checking Workflow


A new technical paper titled “An Equivalence Checking Framework for Agile Hardware Design” was published by researchers at Portland State University and Intel.

“Agile hardware design enables designers to produce new design iterations efficiently. Equivalence checking is critical in ensuring that a new design iteration conforms to its specification. In this paper, we introduce an equivalence checking framework for hardware designs represented in HalideIR. HalideIR is a popular intermediate representation in software domains such as deep learning and image processing, and it is increasingly utilized in agile hardware design. We have developed a fully automatic equivalence checking workflow seamlessly integrated with HalideIR and several optimizations that leverage the incremental nature of agile hardware design to scale equivalence checking. Evaluations of two deep learning accelerator designs show our automatic equivalence checking framework scales to hardware designs of practical sizes and detects inconsistencies that manually crafted tests have missed.”

Find the technical paper here. Published Jan. 2023.

Wang, Y., Xie, F., Yang, Z., Cocchini, P., & Yang, J. (2023, January). An Equivalence Checking Framework for Agile Hardware Design. In Proceedings of the 28th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (pp. 26-32).

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