Analyzing The U.S. Advanced Packaging Ecosystem With Countermeasures To Mitigate HW Security Issues


A technical paper titled “US Microelectronics Packaging Ecosystem: Challenges and Opportunities” was published by researchers at University of Florida, University of Miami, and Skywater Technology Foundry.


“The semiconductor industry is experiencing a significant shift from traditional methods of shrinking devices and reducing costs. Chip designers actively seek new technological solutions to enhance cost-effectiveness while incorporating more features into the silicon footprint. One promising approach is Heterogeneous Integration (HI), which involves advanced packaging techniques to integrate independently designed and manufactured components using the most suitable process technology. However, adopting HI introduces design and security challenges. To enable HI, research and development of advanced packaging is crucial. The existing research raises the possible security threats in the advanced packaging supply chain, as most of the Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) facilities/vendors are offshore. To deal with the increasing demand for semiconductors and to ensure a secure semiconductor supply chain, there are sizable efforts from the United States (US) government to bring semiconductor fabrication facilities onshore. However, the US-based advanced packaging capabilities must also be ramped up to fully realize the vision of establishing a secure, efficient, resilient semiconductor supply chain. Our effort was motivated to identify the possible bottlenecks and weak links in the advanced packaging supply chain based in the US.”

Find the technical paper here. Published October 2023 (preprint).

Rouhan Noor, Himanandhan Reddy Kottur, Patrick J Craig, Liton Kumar Biswas, M Shafkat M Khan, Nitin Varshney, Hamed Dalir, Elif Akçalı, Bahar Motlagh, Charles Woychik, Yong-Kyu Yoon, Navid Asadizanjani. “US Microelectronics Packaging Ecosystem: Challenges and Opportunities.” arXiv:2310.11651v1 (2023)

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