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New Rules For DRAM

By Jim Feldhan DRAM revenues grew by more than 30% in 2013. Average selling prices increased more than 45% as capacity constraints especially for LPDRAM, motivated the transition from 2GB density parts up to 4GB DRAM units declined by almost 10%. Revenue growth rates of more than 30% combined with a declining unit base are not new to the memory market. But 2013 was a pivotal year for DRAM. ... » read more

Dissecting The Numbers

In the annals of semiconductor history, July is typically the worst month of the year in terms of sequential monthly change. Going back to 1997, semiconductor sales in July are usually down 10% to over 30%. The chart below shows a pictorial representation of the monthly percent change in July over June for the last 16 years. We’re not implying that everyone should break out the party hats,... » read more

Following The Money

By Jim Feldhan There are many trends in the semiconductor industry that are easy to identify because the moves make a huge statement. A few of the major changes that we’ve all observed include the shift from a computer application focus to consumers, the growth of mobile devices, and the shift of semiconductor dominance from the U.S. to Japan to Asia Pacific. One of Semico’s jobs is to ... » read more

Japan Quake Update

By Jim Feldhan, Semico Research Nuclear Power Situation The damaged nuclear generating facilities continue to spiral out of control.  Not only are there three reactors damaged, now the spent fuel storage facilities are in serious trouble.  Similar to the reactors, the storage units need to be water-cooled.  The largest storage unit at the Daiichi Plant, containing 130 metric tons of n... » read more

2011: Crash and Burn or Return to Normalcy?

By Jim Feldhan Seasonally, the first half of most typical years, semiconductor sales are weak and not necessarily indicative of a downturn. This year however, the first half will be up over 2%, a healthy growth rate after the 31.8% increase in revenues the industry experienced in 2010. 2011 represents a return to the "normal" semiconductor cycle, averaging an 8% increase in revenue YOY. The... » read more

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