Blog Review: Nov. 22

AI, database mergers, Xerox’s Alto, USB 3.2; advanced packaging.


ARM’s Jem Davies talks about an upcoming documentary on AI and where the lines need to be drawn between machine intelligence and human emotional intelligence.

Mentor’s Saunder Peng examines the impact of merging physical verification databases, which can cost time and resources, and how that can be streamlined.

Cadence’s Paul McClellan takes a look back at the Xerox Alto and how it changed the computing world. Make sure you check out the early mouse prototype.

Synopsys’ Eric Huang digs into isochronous streaming of video over USB 3.2, where bursts of data are transmitted only when there is data to be transmitted and when the host is read to accept or transmit data.

And in case you missed last week’s Manufacturing and Process Technology newsletter, here are some noteworthy blogs:

Executive Editor Mark LaPedus recounts the top five takeaways from recent packaging events.

Lam Research’s Choon Lee sorts through the different packaging options and technologies.

Applied Materials’ Kerry Cunningham points to new virtual reality applications beyond the gaming world.

SEMI’s Paula Doe argues that emerging low power technologies and machine learning could shake up the sensor industry.

GlobalFoundries’ Wallace Pai contends that China’s ongoing domestic infrastructure construction boom is just the beginning.

Coventor’s Sandra Liu examines how far existing technology be extended.

And Semico Research’s Joanne Itow points to a disparity—semiconductor unit growth is up than 13%, while selling prices are down and wafers are in short supply.

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