Heterogeneous Integration Co-Design Won’t Be Easy

The days of “throwing it over the wall” are over. Heterogeneous integration is ushering in a new era of silicon chip design with collaboration at its core—one that lives or dies on seamless interaction between your analog and digital IC and package design teams. Heterogeneous integration is the use of advanced packaging technologies to combine smaller, discrete chiplets into one syste... » read more

Recipe To Catch Bugs Faster Using Machine Learning

We all agree that verification and debug take up a significant amount of time and are arguably the most challenging parts of chip development. Simulator performance has consistently topped the charts and is a critical component in the verification process. Still, the need of the hour is to stretch beyond simulator speed to achieve maximum verification throughput and efficiency. Artificial in... » read more

TSN-PTP: A Real-Time Network Clock Synchronizing Protocol

In a network containing multiple nodes, the need for synchronization between the various nodes is not just instrumental but also a complicated and highly complex process. This process becomes even more tricky if we synchronize the clocks between the Manager and the Peripheral. As we know, in a real-time network, some of the nodes would behave like Managers while some would be a Peripheral. If w... » read more

Electronics And Its Role In Climate Change

Sustainability has become a “scorching topic” (pun intended) in discussions I have with customers and ecosystem partners. It is now vital to many corporations as part of what many they report on “Environmental, Social, and Governance” (ESG). It can also be very confusing. In this post, I am trying to clarify some confusion after attending and organizing several related events recently. ... » read more

Data Integrity For JEDEC DRAM Memories

With the DRAM fabrication advancing from 1x to 1y to 1z and further to 1a, 1b, and 1c nodes along with the DRAM device speeds going up to 8533 for LPDDR5 and 8800 for DDR5, data integrity is becoming a really important issue that the OEMs and other users have to consider as part of the system that relies on the correctness of data being stored in the DRAMs for system to work as designed. I... » read more

Khronos: Open Standards Powering The Future Of Embedded Vision

At the recent Embedded Vision Summit, one of the presentations was by Neil Trevett of The Khronos Group. This is a standardization body and is a non-profit. He said that his day job is at Nvidia. It has been creating standards for 20 years with a focus on low-level hardware acceleration APIs for 3D graphics, parallel computation, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and machine learnin... » read more

Open RAN Phase 2

I first wrote about Open RAN in my post Fourth 4G Network Goes Live in Japan. Open RAN is a program driven by a group of European operators to build specifications for common architecture instead of getting "locked into" the closed architectures sold by the big base-station vendors such as Nokia, Samsung, and Ericsson. It is analogous to what servers went through over the last few decades, m... » read more

The Era Of Fluid Simulations In Hollywood

With the magnificent real images of water pouring from the sky and the after-fire fumes from a car, there is no escaping from the laws of physics in movies either! Fluid simulation in the '50s and '60s was modeled mathematically before the computer graphics industry made its appearance. In the early ’90s, computer graphics (CG) in movies such as Waterworld and Titanic were restricted to wi... » read more

Constraints On The Electricity Grid

I recently wrote about Moss Landing, the biggest grid battery storage operation in the world. I discovered from talking to a friend recently that most people have no idea what constraints the electricity grid operates under. I think most politicians are the same, and they assume that if we build enough windmills and solar panels then we can live in some sort of eco-nirvana. But that's not goin... » read more

CES 2022: In Person But Not Many People

CES was and is officially hybrid, with some events on-site in Las Vegas and some online. But many of the large exhibitors pulled out of attending in person (including Cadence, although we might be a big exhibitor at DAC but at CES we are tiny). A lot of the press seems to have stayed away in-person too. To be honest, a lot of the press has been gradually staying away for years since so much is ... » read more

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