Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: Feb. 21

LBIST for auto MCUs using a digital twin; HW-SW co-design for side-channel protected NN inference; near-memory FPGA graph processing framework; AFM & photoresists; acceleration of DL inference on edge devices; negative capacitance GAA FETs.


New technical papers recently added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library:

Technical Paper Research Organizations
A Novel LBIST Signature Computation Method for Automotive Microcontrollers using a Digital Twin University of Bremen, Infineon Technologies and DFKI GmbH
Hardware-Software Co-design for Side-Channel Protected Neural Network Inference North Carolina State University and Intel
ACTS: A Near-Memory FPGA Graph Processing Framework University of Virginia and Samsung
Enhancing the precision of 3D sidewall measurements of photoresist using atomic force microscopy with a tip-tilting technique National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ) and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Efficient Acceleration of Deep Learning Inference on Resource-Constrained Edge Devices: A Review University of Missouri and Texas Tech University
Recent Developments in Negative Capacitance Gate-All-Around Field Effect Transistors: A Review PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution and Shenzhen Institute of Peking University

If you have research papers you are trying to promote, we will review them to see if they are a good fit for our global audience. At a minimum, papers need to be well researched and documented, relevant to the semiconductor ecosystem, and free of marketing bias. There is no cost involved for us posting links to papers. Please send suggestions (via comments section below) for what else you’d like us to incorporate.

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