Defect Mitigation And Characterization In Silicon Hardmask Materials

The lowest defect count comes from using 5-nm PTFE NTD2 filter with proprietary surface treatment.


From SPIE Digital Library:

In this study, metal contaminants, liquid particle count and on-wafer defects of Si- HMs and filtration removal rates are monitored to determine the effect of filter type, pore size, media morphology, and cleanliness on filtration performance. 5-nm PTFE NTD2 filter having proprietary surface treatment used in this study shows lowest defect count.

Authors: Vineet Alexander,1 Shyam Paudel,1 Glenn Dado,2 Lucia D’Urzo,2 Virgil Briggs,2 Mona Bavarian,3 Rao Varanasi,2 Tim Limmer,1 Nick Brakensiek,1 Levi Gildehaus,1 Mike Mesawich,2 Douglas Guerrero1

1Brewer Science, Inc. (United States)
2Pall Corp. (United States)
3Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln (United States)

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