Disruption Is Here In Automotive And Ground Transportation: Are You Ready?

Why simulation has become the key enabler for connected, autonomous and electrified vehicles.


The automotive and ground transportation industry is being disrupted with the rise of shared, connected, self-driving, electrified vehicles. For those who can innovate fast, it is a once-in-a-century opportunity to leapfrog the competition and win the race to dominate the new mobility industry. Simulation is the key enabler. Are you ready for innovation through simulation?

Engineering simulation is a proven tool for accelerating technology development and has been used in the automotive industry for decades. As the industry is being disrupted, it needs to disrupt the way it uses simulation. These tools are ready and available for developing new technologies, such as LiDARs, radars, traction motors and lithium ion batteries, and are expanding into use-cases such as self-driving car closed loop simulators. Leveraging these capabilities will be the key to winning the race.

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