DSP-Based Testing

Best practices in mixed signal testing, including how to use Fast Fourier Transform.


ADC and DAC are the most typical mixed signal devices. In mixed signal testing, analog stimulus signal for an ADC is generated by an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) which employs a D/A converter inside, and an analog signal out of a DAC is measured by a digitizer or a sampler which employs an A/D converter inside. The stimulus signals for these devices are created using mathematical method, and the measured signals out of these devices are processed with mathematical methods, extracting various parameters. Mixed signal test methodologies are based on digital signal processing (DSP) so that the testing is often called DSP-based testing.

It is very useful for all test/application engineers in the mixed signal field to have a complete and thorough knowledge about DSP-based testing. The FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) is the most powerful tool here. This paper will deliver a series of fundamental knowledge on DSP-based testing, especially the FFT and its related topics. It will help them comprehend what the DSP-based testing is as well as assorted techniques.

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