Envelope Tracking Fundamentals And Test Solutions?

Why cell phone batteries don’t last for days anymore and what to do about it.


There was once a time when your cell phone could go for days without needing to be recharged. Today, despite the innovations in cell phone battery technology, new demands, such as more internal radios and larger and higher resolution screens, place a greater drain on battery life than ever before. As a result, engineers must consistently innovate to reduce the power consumption as new technology is added to a cell phone. Today, envelope tracking (ET) is an increasingly popular technique used to optimize the power-added efficiency (PAE) of the RF power amplifier (PA) which is one of the primary drains on battery life. This article covers the fundamentals of ET using data gathered from an RF PA to identify crucial ET parameters. Based on these parameters, a PXI-based measurement setup is proposed and analyzed that meets the stringent requirements of ET test.

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